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World War III / Oscar Mike Lusitan Airsoft Association Statement 
Colocado em 1/Jun/2013, 11:21

The Lusitan Airsoft Association (from now on referred to as ALA, APD) hereby issues a statement.

1. For various reasons, it was not possible to organize Oscar Mike® 2013 in the same way, with both location and staff as 2012.
2. Given the time this Association had to prepare and execute Oscar Mike® 2013 it was inconceivable to do it in time with the quality expected by ALA, APD
3. The Oscar Mike® brand is owned by ALA, APD and it was decided to find alternatives for this year.
4. It was the decision of this body to meet with the organizers of WWIII, in the person of Mr. João Fernandes in Coimbra, in late 2012
5. It was agreed that the event WWIII had the features capable of representing the Oscar Mike® brand. And that this game would therefore be called WWIII/Oscar Mike® with a number of scheduled meetings to assess the logistic
6. ALA, APD allocated the brand to the event WWIII, having no participation in its monetary assets or liabilities in relation to the event WWIII/OM.
7. The conditions of the allocation of the brand Oscar Mike® were to have the infrastructure similar to OM2012:
a. Existence of helicopters in the event;
b. Existence of armored military vehicles of the Portuguese Association of old Military Vehicles;
c. Tandem jump;
d. Event security
8. It was always assured to ALA, APD that these requirements would be met in full, which strictly speaking did not happened at all, thus, compromising the brand and the experience of all those who believed in and were present at the event.
9. In meetings held throughout the months leading up to the event, it was always assured by Mr. João Fernandes that everything was being treated with several entities not only with sponsors as with the police (PSP and DAEXP) licenses.
10. When confronted with the question of the missions that would unfold in the event, Mr. João Fernandes began to draw evasive maneuvers and withholding information regarding the players in attendance.
11. Within 10 days of the event, thanks to the insistence of the Board of ALA - APD revealed that nothing was done with regard to licenses, using the argument that everything would be handled through the police of Coimbra.
12. Now, considering that DAEXP, who has the absolute reserve in these matters, ALA - APD, in the person of its President, went to this office to remedy the situation, which was only achieved through understanding and goodwill cooperation of this police body.
13. Participants that bought plane tickets, reserved hotels, paid game registrations, made many kilometers by car to attend this event, believing that all requirements of OSCAR MIKE would be present, were defrauded at all. Even Mr. João Fernandes a few days from the event, posted on facebook photos of Oscar Mike 2012, leading perhaps in error that the requirements referred to in paragraph 7 would be present.
14. The ALA-APD, believed as the rest of the players that they would be present. However, that turned out to be false. Faced with this situation what to do?
15. To cancel the activity would be irresponsible as people had just arrived in the field and ready to play, with all the good will that characterizes any airsoft player.
16. Against the backdrop and the manifested inability of the organization of the event, determined by its inertia the anticipated departure of several players, some of them foreigners, there was no other solution than to ALA-APD rise up and manage the operations. Because people who play airsoft, play it for passion and dedication.
17. It should be clear that ALA-APD, assumes no responsibility and liability arising from commitments defaulted by Mr. João Fernandes, who remains the solely responsible for the event in relation to its assets as well as liabilities to the players.
18. The ALA-APD did and always will do its best to the players from whatever country they are. Defending the interests of its Members and not forgetting all the other players that believed in the project.

See you in Oscar Mike® 2014, this time with no external organization,


Best Regards.

Luís Silva
President of the Lusitan Airsoft Association



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